Company History

Power Plus International has represented many excellent manufactures in the industry since 1993. We have built a strong reputation for providing high quality products at competitive pricing for a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Boiler Repair, Chemical, Dept.of Corrections, Food Processing, Hospitals, Housing, Paper, Petroleum and Pharmaceuticals.

Our in-house Sales Engineering staff will provide you with prompt price quotes and customized data sheets . Our sales staff are trained in each area of the industry you may need from standard boiler room supplies to custom boiler feed systems to special Heat Exchangers. Please visit our subsidiaries websites on the home page for all your needs.

  • 1993

    Start With A Small Service

    We started our company from our Home garage and spare bedroom . We had no idea how far the company would go and not even sure that we would be able to survive for a few years. What drove us to start the company was the understanding that we could provide a product and customer service that no one else was providing in our industry.

  • 1995

    First Empoyees

    This was a period when we were working 17 hours a day and still not getting finished . We hired our first inside sales person part time and then after 6 months he went full time. We then hired an account person and after 5 more years we grew to 4 employees in our first 1.500 Sq ft Shop located on our property.

  • 2002

    First Big Move & Website

    By this time we were a well-known name within the industry. We Moved to our second location into a 5,000 Sq ft building in a local Industrial park. We had been prominent members of the industry for more than 9 years now and worked for some of the biggest clients in the industry. We had finally overcome some of the hurdles that hinder a small business trying to grow and knew that in order to become a solid supplier we would have to build a website to keep up with the demand in the industry.

  • 2005

    Industry Leaders

    After years of dedicated customers we had become one of the leaders in the Boiler & Industrial Industry with our multiple websites such as,, , and

  • 2016


    Today it is our pleasure to serve the Boiler & Industrial Industry from our 14,000 Sq.Ft. location in McDonough, Ga. USA with our wonderful Staff and Super Customers.